RUNAWAY Song Lyrics

Since no one's put up the lyrics for Ueda's solo, RUNAWAY, I thought I would do it myself. ^^

The lyrics below are really REALLY uncertain, since I did it by ear from the tour DVD, and Ueda's enunciation... is not the best. XD (But it's gotten better and more adorable!) So if there's an error or if you can confirm a lyric, please tell me! :D 
Also, if there's a fancam of the lyrics from a live or something someone could point me to that would be really helpful. Thanks. <3

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Hello, world! (^_^)/

My first post here. Mmmm... I don't know why, but I feel really nervous about all this. :S

Anyway, my name is Theresa, or Mai, whichever. ^^ I've been lurking in the KAT-TUN fandom for a long time and finally decided to just make an LJ and join in. I'm not much good at graphics and don't speak Japanese, so I dunno know what I'll do though. :/ Feel free to add me anyway, I'll add you back! :D
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